When the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in December, 2019, no one could imagine the storm came next. Within months, this disease rages across the globe:107 million cases, 2.3 million deaths, COVID-19 traumatized the entire world within one year. Children were lost, families separated, health workers risked their lives to save others. The plague year is forever engraved in the memory of our generation. In this proposal, we imagine a post-covid Skyscraper in memory all the lives perished in the pandemic, and as a sign of hope for the survivors.

Light, everchanging, but always there. The mere existence of the Cloud Zero manifests its structural permanence in the city skyline, as a reminder of the solemnity of COVID-19 pandemic, while its configuration is designed with versatility to accommodate different needs of the city as a unified organism. The rings, when leveled, create civic plaza spaces, and when separated to different degrees, have the potential to hold programs such as concerts, hotels or emergency quarantine infrastructures. Supported through whisks, the Cloud Zero is like a living creature that connects to the citizens and the ground through its tentacles, lifting people up into the sky or delivering essential resource packs in the time of calamities. During peaceful times, the Cloud Zero is a piece of monument with a transient nature given by the mists that the structure emits, blending into the environment; and during calamities, the Cloud Zero transforms into a lighthouse and guardian of the city.

Permanence / transient
The transient appearance coupled with the monumental scale reflects the attitude this project is proposing when humanity confronts calamities that affects all. Whilst the slender rings shrouded by mist does their best to project hope against the somber reality, it does not attempt to rewrite the suffering and sorrow into a glorified narrative. It vindicates and broadcasts the history of our unified effort against COVID as much as our collective pain and anger, so that we will always be prepared when the next existential threat arises. The program of the rings reflects such a concept of a softened alarmist mindset. A portion of the rings accommodates scientific research, while others a mixture of civic space and public housing and amenity. It is a gentle reminder of what helped us surmount this pandemic-science and solidarity.

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